Sometimes you see right through me…


My most favoritest band of ALL TIME Sunny Day Real Estate has REUNITED and is GOING ON TOUR!!!!!

Somehow I am going to have to survive until September when they come to New York…. excuse me, I am slightly short of breath… I can’t quite get over how THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!

*ahem* anyhow. you should watch that video. Despite breaking up before I discovered them, SDRE changed my high school experience. And then, when they reunited my freshman year of college, I relentlessly followed (stalked?) them around Texas until they broke up again. I suffered through their attempts to make other bands sound good (successful attempts: the foo fighters. unsuccessful attempts: the fire theft, dashboard confessional). And now they’re back. BACK. Just to make ME HAPPY!!! (or, you know, make some money).

okay. I’m going to go blare LP2 and hyperventilate a little…

2 thoughts on “Sometimes you see right through me…

  1. Vanessa

    Sometimes I wish the Smiths would reunite but I don’t think it would be as cool as a group whose members are still many years away from collecting Social Security. 😉

  2. Stereoette Post author

    Dude, Morrissey plays an amazing enough show alone… you momentarily forget that the dude is like, a gazillion years old. Because he is THAT awesome.

    but um, SDRE OMG!!!

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