Stereoette *hearts* Katie Burley

A year or so ago, I bought my grandmother a hat from an adorable etsy shop run by a gal named Katie Burley. She of course loved the hat. So when I saw Aretha Franklin rockin’ that awesome hat with the giant bow at the Inauguration, I immediately wrote Katie and said “you have to make my grandmother a hat that awesome!”

Katie was totally up to the task. She even custom ordered materials to make it just to our specifications. And when the hat arrived, it was SO the pinnacle of cuteness that even I had to try it on.


I still cant believe it fit onto my giant noggin (afros aren’t especially hat conducive)! But over Easter (because what better holiday to give a church lady her church lady hat?) I brought the hat down to my grandma in Texas, and she showed me how cute was done.


I wanna look that good at 92… oh wait, she’s my grandma, so maybe I will! (chuckle. ahem.) Anyhow, Ms. B adores Katie’s work and has taken the hat to Easter sunrise service and out on the town. I sort of miss the hat and taking goofy pictures of myself in it… then again, Katie is now offering the hat for sale in her Etsy shop so you can snap one up! She’s also carrying (very afro-friendly) headbands in beautiful plaids, and much of her handmade millinery is on sale right now. So go! Go! Spread the Katie Burley love and get yourself a HAT!

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