Daily Archives: September 19, 2009

Stereoette Adores… LeAnne Marshall

I’ve been a LeAnne Marshall (aka Leanimal) fan for a long while now, starting with her shop on etsy, and then her terrific designs on Project Runway. Her Spring 2010 collection, showed last week at NY fashion week, puts her in an entirely different category – no longer the crafter/reality tv star, but a legitimate designer with her own, mature, point of view.

I adore the confidence evident in each design she sent down the runway. This time around, she was the master of the ruffle, instead of being a servant to the concept. Her pairing of fluid fabrics with the geometry of what I can only describe as origami patchwork sounds offputting, but actually provided a perfect balance of structure and sweetness. As a result, her work was both wearable (something I consider a compliment even if the Project Runway judges don’t) and innovative.